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Taylor Whitham // The Limeight

Our Limelight Interview for this week is with the beautiful Taylor Whitham! Look out for featured interviews with one of our readers every Wednesday. We aim to motivate you when you feel overwhelmed.

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Tell us a little about yourself:
Initially, I am from the Deep South, the great state of Georgia! I later relocated to move in with my fiancé (by then), who had spent all his life growing up in Indianapolis. We are now married and living together in the Midwest.

As a kid, I always wanted to join art school until my father persuaded me otherwise; he said an art degree would not help me put food on the table. I settled for what interested me the most after arts: a healthcare course. I started my medical studies at the X-ray school in Atlanta before moving to Chattanooga to join the MRI school.

From the start, I found it quite fascinating and uncommon that I could take pictures of seashells using an x-ray film and radiation. There was nothing ordinary for me seeing classmates imaging body parts to show broken bones. I guess I loved it because it brought out the art in the medical care industry. I love pictures, and I have been taking photos all my life.

After I moved to the Midwest region, it became rather apparent that I needed to build my social company by meeting people and shaking off loneliness. My husband was beneficial when I set out to launch my legally registered business. The business gave me connections to expand my social life. It took the business three years only to hit profitability and thrive.

I am always looking for opportunities to express my creative personality. I value the power of networking with friends and exploring new things, and photography has helped me grow so much in that regard.

I must admit the first three months here were the loneliest and the toughest for me. Nonetheless, I was excited to be with my husband. Trying to fit in is almost always tough on anyone; the talking mannerism was also different. Photography brought to light my life, and I want to share the joy I have received from photography art.

Define your photography style in 5 words:
Organic, Fresh, Lively, Whimsy, and Personal

Three things we should know about you:
I think I talk rather slowly, and I am a big fan of Michael Jackson. I am a bit tiny and tend to talk a lot sometimes (ha!)

What inspired you to become a photographer?
Life inspired me. It seems simple, right? The thought of life passing by like a blink of an eye makes me want to use photography to capture as much “of life” as I can. I want to remember as much in life as possible and use pictures to tell stories to people.

Divulge one of your dreams for your business:
I would love (so much it kind of feels selfish, ha!) to make it on a Magazine cover like most photographers. But my greatest wish is to enjoy taking photos for the rest of my life.

What do you love most about being a photographer?
To be a photographer is a creator; creating moments using photos helps me develop as a human being. Photography is the part of my life I cannot seem to stop yearning to learn new things and expand my knowledge.

What advice do you have for new or struggling photographers?
Never give up and know how to price your work as aggressively as possible. It may be time to raise your value if you are busy but struggling with economic obligations. Remember, it is relatively easy to trade living your life for the photography business because it is fun at the same time.

Who is your photographer crush, and why?
Oh GAHHHH. There are so many on that list and for unique reasons, let me see. I am always crushing on Clayton Austin all the time, and I do not think I need to explain why ha!

I also love Joy from Wildflowers Photography; all her images seem like a ghost photographer took them. It is like she was never there, and I am amazed at how she does it. The display of her personality is so good and strong.

My first camera was a
The Polaroid I-Zone. I had it as a child and (teenager) in the 90s. I loved it because it was a very original model (so legit). As an adult, I have had the Canon Rebel T1I.

The first word you think of when we say, LOVE?

The first word you think of when we say HATE?
Techno music

If you could meet anyone, living or deceased, who would it be and why?
So deep. Um, Michael Jackson. I think I would still have chosen Michael Jackson even if I was not trying to be too profound. The other person would probably be C.S. Lewis which is a bit endearing to people than MJ.

My guiltiest pleasure is
30 Rock and Pickles.

If I weren’t a photographer, I would be
I would be a wealthy traveler, and I am sure I would do a great job at it.

Some of these pictures are captured by one of the members of the bed bugs extermination company in Seattle, WA.

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