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With 138 pages, Denim+Grace Magazine’s November 2013 issue has 40% MORE PAGES of content from artists working in the working in senior, wedding, portrait, boudoir genres. The November issue includes a 16-page ULTIMATE FINANCIAL GUIDE, how to become a marketing maven for your business, how to successfully relocate, creating a solid brand foundation, photography exposure basics, InDesign tips, specializing, and an interview with portrait photographer and founder of The Lawton, Rachel Brenke.


THE LAW TOG:: As a true entrepreneur, RACHEL BRENKE has been around the business owner block a time or two. Photographer, consultant, and published author- she doesn’t stop there as she’s also a mom of 4. But it’s her constant drive for the brass ring, her dream to encourage entrepreneurs to be better business owners, and her passion for our industry that makes her tick.


FINANCE 101: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE:: Are you finding a hobby or running a business? Financial consultant and photographer, ANGELSEA URBAN, takes the mythical world of tax and accounting and teaches you the ins-and-outs of running a photography business from a financial perspective.


THE FOUNDATION OF A SOLID BRAND:: This ain’t your average logo article. By bringing mood, feeling, and passion into his brand, photographer EVAN HUNT makes his brand a truly tangible experience from first meeting to final product delivery.

ESSENTIALS OF PHOTOGRAPHY:: Ever wondered why your photos don’t expose the right way in AV or TV- even worse, Auto? We know it’s scary to move to manual shooting, but JENNIFER WARTHAN makes that leap a breeze with her step-by-step guide to the exposure triangle.

MARKETING MAVEN:: With tactics, she’s perfected through trial and error, AMANDA HOLLOWAY is teaching you vital tools to marketing like a pro and flipping your business upside down and finally getting your market to notice you.


DISCOMFORT ZONE:: Wedding photographer ROBYN ARRON gives you 3 action steps to jump-start your business after relocating.

MAKING DREAMS REALITY:: Wedding photographer SUZY VANDYKE shares the dream she + husband, Lukas, had to open a wedding venue and how they made it come to life.

SEASONS OF LIFE:: This past winter, photographer ALLIE BENNETT found herself in a creative rut. But through an unfortunate series of tragedies that occurred in her life, her passion for photography was wholly rejuvenated.

COLLABORATIVE SPACE:: Photographers JAYME REICHART + SARAH PERKINS share their vision to redefine how studio needs are filled for photographers nationwide.

CONNECTED BRAND:: Photographer TIFFANY FARLEY knew her business and brand was missing something. Specializing was the answer. Find out how this change in her business made a world of difference in her heart and pocket.

INDESIGN FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS:: Graphic designer turned photographer STEF ATKINSON teaches you the daunting world of InDesign and cuts your promotional design workflow in half.

THE POWER OF WORD OF MOUTH:: Photographer MELISSA MOWREY shows you why the best form of advertising is most often free.


Adonye Benson-Jaja:: Golden Delight
Brooke Daniels:: Snowbirds
Scott Fraser:: Engaging Portrait

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