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Denim and Grace Magazine is a photography magazine and blog with a mission to foster creativity and fuel ingenuity; embrace diversity and encourage collaboration; rejuvenate the spirit and restore passion, and create enduring value and purpose.

Started in March 2013 by Heather Tindall, Denim and Grace Magazine is a collaboration of our staff editors, and op-ed contributors, and includes educational articles and inspirational pictorials covering the genres of weddings, seniors, family/child, newborn/maternity and boudoir/glamour in every issue.

Our blog is a series of interviews and photo sessions, along with some behind-the-scenes thoughts from our team with the intent to explore the diversity of our industry and rejuvenate our inner passions as artists. Authored mostly by our readers, our blog is truly a collaborative effort between you and us.



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Heather runs Denim+Grace alongside her brand strategy firm and photography company from her 1940′s Cape that’s constantly a personal “Work-in-Progress”. Heather believes that the success of any photography business is a unique blend and balance of the photography and the photographer- the “denim” of the back-end business and the “grace” of imagery. Through the mission of fostering creativity, encouraging collaboration, and rejuvenating the spirit, Heather leads the magazine to fuel photographers to do more with their business and create enduring value and purpose through their brands.  While consulting photographers on developing an attractive brand, she takes a no-nonsense approach; equipping photographers with action steps to create a strong, authentic and intentional brand. She thrives on helping them be more passionate, purposeful and ultimately profitable with their business.  When Heathers not working, shes most often found barefoot with a camera in her hand, capturing the sights of the Jersey Shore.




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Kristie is a Virginia based photographer specializing in high school seniors and teens. Her work focuses on providing custom fashion inspired sessions for the modern teen. She also wears the hat of full-time photography/graphic art teacher, wife and mother of two awesome boys.

You can view Kristie’s photography work at

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