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This is the digital issue. For a Print Issue at $30, order here. Or order an iPad version through the magcloud app!


This issue is a digital one. You can order here to get a print issue for $30. You can also use the Magcloud app to get an order of the iPad version!

The Aug/Sept 2014 issue of Denim+Grace Magazine features industry content from various artists spread over 102 pages. This particular issue takes a focus on Glamour and Boudoir, with articles that bring to light the boudoir industry’s various stigmas, how boudoir shoots for clients can be redefined, the impact that glamour photography has had, upselling wedding glamour shoots, and even tricks and tips for using makeup. Sharon Hundley, a boudoir and wedding photographer from Sharon Elizabeth photography is even interviewed in this issue.


BEAUTY IN THE BUFF:: SHARON HUNDLEY was picked as 2013’s Best Boudoir and Glamour Photographer by our readers, and for good reason, given how she approaches boudoir with such beauty. Everything that Sharon has to say about the boudoir and life in general will be etched into your memory.

PRETTY WOMEN:: ASHLEIGH TAYLOR, a renowned photographer goes deeper into the Boudoir and Glamour genres stigmas while giving her insight on the feminist movement of today.

ALTOGETHER LOVELY:: The desire for photographer ALICIA DAW to bring her dreams to life are shared and she talks about the positive influences she’s gotten from women.

BOUDOIR, REDEFINED. :: We learn from LIZ EVANS, a photographer, about how her own photography business is defined and the impact the desires of her clients have on it.

INSIDE THE MUA TOOLKIT:: JEN MELIA, who is a talented makeup artist, teams up with NATALIE GREENWOOD to show how a face that looks like it needs grease trap services can be turned into a boudoir face with some useful tricks.

PHOTOGRAPHING MEN:: MEGAN BRYANT, an expert in photographing men, provides tips about how to get great shots while shooting men and creating the look that clients want.

THE GREAT GLAMOUR PARTY:: JULIE FOSKETT, who excels in photography, informs us about her methods of getting more sales and exposure through showing her wedding books at glamour gatherings.


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