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Tell us a little about yourself:
I am originally from the Deep South the great state of Georgia! I re-located in 2010 to be with my then fiancé whom had grown up in Indianapolis all of his life. So, now I am Southern transplant living in the Midwest with my now husband. 🙂 Growing up I wanted to go to art school my father convinced me that the degree was not worth becoming a starving artist Ha. So, I took the next route that interested me, and that was healthcare. I went to X-ray school in Atlanta first, and then later to MRI school in Chattanooga. From the get-go in x-ray school I noticed I was anything but conventional I used x-ray film and radiation to take photos of seashells. I would definitely say that is not normal when classmates are imaging body parts for broken bones.. I think that was my artsy side screaming to get out. Since forever Ive been taking photos.. Once I relocated to the Midwest I knew I needed to meet people and beat the loneliness. My husband helped me launch a real and legitimate business, and I owe every single bit of my social life to that very thing. In three short years I have become not only a profitable business, but a thriving one. Always looking for new opportunities to get creative juices flowing. Network with friends in the industry, and definitely experiment with new things. Photography helped me adjust by leaps and bounds to a new life. My first months here (although excited to be with my husband) were full of sadness and a whole lot of being alone. Trying to fit in is difficult, trying to fit in and talking different is really difficult Ha. Photography has been the source of bright light for me. I want to give back every way I can for the joy it has returned to me.

Define your photography style in 5 words:
Fresh Organic Whimsy Personal Lively

Three things we should know about you:

  1. I talk really slow.
  2. Michael Jackson superfan.
  3. Im a tiny person and a wee bit mouthy. Oops.

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What inspired you to become a photographer?
Living. Youd think itd be deeper than that.. But, its really not. Life passes us in a blink of an eye. I want to remember as much of it as I can. I want to be other peoples storyteller.

Divulge one of your dreams for your business:
Like most photographers I have a dream for a Magazine cover Thats the most selfish dream I have. Ha! On a more serious note my biggest hope (I wouldnt call it a dream) would be to keep having a blast doing it!

What do you love most about being a photographer?
Having a creative outlet that helps me grow as a human being. Its truly the one thing in life that Ive found I love continually learning and educating myself about.

What advice do you have for new or struggling photographers?
Never give up. Price yourself aggressively! If youre swamped in work and struggling to catch up its time to up your prices! Its easy to get swallowed up and have a hard time living your own life in this business.

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Who is your photographer crush and why?
Ohhh GAHHHH.. This is a loaded question. I have so many and for a lot of different reasons. I always, always, always am crushing on Clayton Austin. I mean do I really need to elaborate as to why? Joy from Wildflowers Photography also. I love that all of her images seem like there was a ghost photographer.. Its like she was never even there, yall! How does she do that? She displays personalities so well.

My first camera was a
As a child/tween the Polaroid I-Zone. legit as heck. 90s child. Also as an adult the Canon Rebel T1I

First word you think of when we say LOVE?

First word you think of when we say HATE?
techno music

If you could meet anyone, living or deceased, who would it be and why?
These are sooooo deep. Um, probably Michael Jackson. Like if you asked me on the spot and I wasnt trying to be profound and filtered it would definitely be MJ. The filtered me would probably say something much more endearing like C.S. Lewis which would be rad too..

2013-09-10_0010 10.03.54 AM2013-09-10_0003 10.04.14 AM

My guiltiest pleasure is
30 Rock, and pickles.

If I wasnt a photographer, I would be
A rich traveler.. I think Id do a good job at it.

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