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Denim+Grace Magazine’s JUNE 2013 issue contains 98 pages of content from artists working in the working in senior, wedding, portrait, boudoir genres. The September 2013 issue includes a unique way of building a senior rep program, how football and photography correlate, why being your favorite photographer can actually help you aesthetically, how personal projects can amplify your passions, finding your visual voice, and an interview with senior photographer Stephanie Pana.
















EMBRACE SEVENTEEN :: For much of her teen years, senior photographer STEPHANIE PANA personally struggled with self-esteem issues.  Now she shares with us why that’s become the driving force behind her photography and how she believes that being in front of the camera empowers teens to embrace seventeen.



BE YOUR FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPHER :: By staying true to the aesthetic style that he’s innately attracted to, senior photographer, RYAN TOWE, shares how he’s able to be his own personal favorite photographer and naturally draw clientele that’s in harmony with that same style.

THE PORTRAIT PROJECT :: Spawned off the heart wrenching Dove ad that depicted how women view themselves when asked to describe their physical features to a sketch artist, photographer ANGELSEA URBAN set out to change the perspective of women in her area to reveal how she sees them.

MASTER YOUR CRAFT :: As he often does, wedding photographer TREVOR DAYLEY will challenge the way you walk into your next photographic assignment.  And believe it or not, photography and football do, in fact, have a correlation to one another.

DARKROOM DISCOVERY :: After feeling lost in the “digital revolution” photographer SARA LAZIO went on a personal journey to rediscover her visual voice and re-establish why she became a photographer in the first place.  Which brought her to a precarious, and almost obsolete, place- the darkroom.



BUILDING A LOYAL REP PROGRAM :: Senior photography duo, IKE+TASH, teach you why senior rep programs fail, how implementing a program increased their average sale, and 5 steps to building a profitable rep program.

TEAMING UP WITH COMPETITION :: Wedding photographer CHELSEA LAVERE shares how teaming up with local competition actually creates a healthier community rather than a more hostile one.

ONE CAMERA PROJECT :: Learn from MICHAEL OWEN how listening to NPR, a cheap Holga camera, and a fascination in the journey of life, are making waves together in the photography community.

CLICKING FOR CANCER :: Photographer RHONDA BOWMAN shares how she’s received immeasurable rewards by incorporating charitable services into her business model.

CONNECTING WITH BOUDOIR CLIENTS :: Photographer ALEXANDRA WERHAN uses her past modeling experience to teach you ways to evoke a confident woman in front of the camera and create a stellar boudoir experience.


Katie Bergin :: In The Trenches
Christina Blanarovich :: Day in the Life
Breanna Shaw :: Where I Work

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